Tunnel Roadheader

Description of Tunnel Roadheader:

The tunnel roadheader, also called tunneling roadheader or mining road header, is mainly used in underground tunneling both for mining and municipal government projects. And it can also be utilized in building of wine caves and cave homes such as those found in the Coober Pedy area of Australia.

Features of Tunnel Roadheader:

1. The tunnel roadheader has high insertion force and good loading capacity. By adopting the hermetic and lubricated crawler, it possesses a high resistance to abrasion. It is very easy to adjust the tension device of the crawler. The mining roadloader is suitable for various kinds of flat or slanting roadway construction in each section. By using special materials in the edge of the scraper bucket, the tunnelling roadloader has characteristics of high strength, good resistance to wear-off and long service life.

2. The tunnel road loader can work with other devices such as drill carriage, scraper conveyor, belt conveyor, and tramcar in the roadway. With a universal applicability, they are all flexible.

3. As the main motion of the tunnel roadheader or tunneling roadheader is controlled by the pilot valve, the product is simple and easy to be operated. Working smoothly without impact, it has good grade ability.

4. The tunnel roadheader can transport material in short distance and carry small device conveniently. The hydraulic quartering hammer can crash the baseboard of the roadway, side baseboard and lump ore.

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