DT2-30 Double Boom Jumbo

Description of DT2-30 Double Boom Jumbo:

Double boom jumbo is a kind of two boom underground drilling jumbo machine typically used in tunneling construction of mining, metallurgy, water and electricity, railway, highway engineering, etc. It can work on surface of the tunnel, roof, side and floor. The double boom jumbo can not only drill the blast hole, but also drill the bolt hole easily.

Features of DT2-30 Double Boom Jumbo:

1. Hydraulic Drill Boom of Double Boom Jumbo

1) High Efficiency: Unique translation design of drill boom improves accuracy and parallelism of borehole spacing, which achieves accurate and quick positioning.

2) 360º Punching Range: Telescopic boom compensates displacement difference generated by drill arm when moving downward.

3) Stable Force: The square cross-section beam design of upper arm makes overall force on drill boom more stable.

4) Flexible Movement: Rotary motor in the front of upper arm makes the whole feed mechanism move flexibly (± 180°).

2. Rock Drill of Double Boom Jumbo

1) High Efficiency: Rock drill we employed is imported from France Montebert, which is small, light and stable.

2) It can be used to drill rock with high hardness, whose efficiency is two to four times of traditional handheld rock drill.

3) Long Service Life: Coaxial design of rotary motor and shank ensures long service life of rock drill.

3. Hydraulic System of Double Boom Jumbo

1) Variable pump system is more stable and efficient.

2) Multiple filtration system improves oil cleanliness and reduces failure of hydraulic system.

3) Rational pump flow and efficient water cooler ensure that the system can maintain normal oil temperature after long hours' working.

4) Single boom drilling jumbo adopts stepwise compression technology, which optimizes the match between propelling force and impact force, and improves the positioning and drilling efficiency.

5) It is also equipped with a manual four direction control lever.

4. Standard Configuration of Double Boom Jumbo

1) Montebert Hydraulic Rock Drill HC25.

2) Hydraulic Cable Drum.

3) Booster Water Pump and Air Compressor.

4) Liftable and Lowerable Safety Ceiling (Conforming with FOPS Requirement).

5) Large Power Work Light.

5. Optional Configuration

1) Montebert Hydraulic Rock Drill HC50.

2) Large/Small Power Diesel Engine.

Parameters of DT2-30 Double Boom Jumbo:
Drill Speed 0.8 to 2 (m/min)
Drill Rod Length 3090/2475 mm
Drill Diameter Φ 28 to 102 (mm)
Hole Depth (Once) 2700/2100 mm
Cross Section (W × H) ≤ 7.5 × 5.3 (m)
Traveling Speed 25 m/min
Climbing Capability ≤ 14°
Track Plate Width 330 mm
Rock Drill 2 HYD200 (Lotus Hill)
2 HC25/HC50 (Montebert Optional)
Overall Dimensions (L × W × H) 9065 × 1350 × 2615 (mm)
Total Weight 12100 kg
DW1-31 Wheel Drilling JumboDW1-31 Wheel Drilling Jumbo
Electrical System of DT2-30 Double Boom Jumbo:
Total Power 77.2 kw
Motor Power 75 kw
Voltage 380 to 1140 (V)
Frequency 50 to 60 (Hz)
Hydraulic System of DT2-30 Double Boom Jumbo:
Main Hydraulic pump Two Plunger Pump and Two Gear Pump
Rated Working Pressure 20 Mpa
Oil Tank Capacity 500 L
Heat-Dissipating Method Water
Operation Panel Two Sets
Upper Arm of DT2-30 Double Boom Jumbo:
Arm Number 2 Sets
Compensation Journey 1550 mm
Boom Type Hydraulic transmission
Rotation Angle (Positive/Negative) ± 180°
Swing Angle (Inside/Outside) 14/35 (º)
Rise/Fall Angle + 55/− 16 (º)
Pitching Angle (Impeller) + 35/− 15 (º)
Swing Angle (Impeller) + 35/− 12 (º)
Flexible Length  850 mm
Diesel Engine of DW1-31 Double Boom Jumbo:
Model Cummins B3.3-80
Power 60 kw
Air Intake Method Turbo-Charge or Charge Inter-Cooling
Rated Power/Rotated Speed 80/2200 (HP/RPM)
Max. Torque/Rotated Speed 292/1600 (N·m/RPM)
Emission Standard Tier2
Weight 275 Kg
Roadway Tunneling Projects Display:
DW1-31 Wheel Drilling Jumbo
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