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DL1 Production Drilling Rig
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DL1 Production Drilling Rig:

DL1 production drilling rig, specially developed for small-drift mining to do the long-hole production, especially in 3m or smaller tunnel, the advantages is unique. The feeder can be placed flat to facilitate the transition in small tunnel. The cantilever structure is designed to operate at the section for easy operation and positioning, and is suitable for parallel and fan-shaped hole rock drilling operations.

Parameters of DL1 Production Drilling Rig:
Complete machineOverall Dimension (L*W*H)mm 8195*1390*1880/2580
Coverage Area (W*H) m 2.8*2.8-4.3*4.3
Hole Diameter mmφ64-76-89
Drill Steel Length mm 915 1220 1525
Hole Depth m 15 19 25
Drill Speed m/min0.8-2
Main Motors KW 55
Hydraulic Oil Tank, Volume Max L 165
Total Weight kg9000
BoomRock Drill WOSERLD1838ME
Feed Roll-over±180°
Telescopic mm800
Carrier Diesel Power KW58
Articulated Steering±36°
Tyre Size 300-15
Rear Axle Swing angle ±7°
Clearance Axles / Outside Axles mm 16°/20°
Tramming Speed km/h8
Ground Clearance mm240
Service BrakesParking brake
Fuel Tank Volume L50
Air systemMax Capacity m/min 11.6
Air Pressure Gauge Mpa0.8
Water systemMax Capacity L/min 80
Water Pressure Gauge Mpa 2.5
Electric system Total Installed Power KW63.5
Voltage 380V

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