Siton LWLX-120 Mucking Loader
Siton LWLX-120 Mucking Loader

Mid-sized Crawler Mucking Loader Series

For Big Slope ≤32°

Main Overall Dimensions:
Item LWLX-120/55L
Crawler contacting ground length 2560mm
Crawler inner width 1000mm(Variable)
Crawler plate width 500mm
Ground clearance 350mm(Variable)
Conveyor inner width 620*720mm
Dimensions during transport Length 9200mm
Width 2100mm
Height 2350mm
Dimensions during operating Length 11080mm
Width 2100mm
Height 2813mm
Working Range:
Article LWLX-120/55L
Digging width 5900mm
Digging distance(from dozer blade) 2470mm
Digging height 3330mm
Digging depth below ground level 800mm
Dumping height 2100mm(Variable)
Minimum dumpling height 1760mm(Variable)
Dumping distance 3170mm(Variable)
Max.boom angle ±55°
Adaptive tunnel dimension     (Width×Height) ≥3.0×3.0m
Functional Parameters:
Loading ability 120m³/h
Potencia general 55kw
Weight 13600kg
Traveling speed 0.9±1.8%m/s
Scraper chain Double chains double motors /Single chain double motors
Adaptive tunnel slope ≤32°
Min. turing radius ≥6m
Ground pressure ≤0.1Mpa
Steering Hydraulic
Speed of scraper chain 34m/min
Volume of hydraulic tank 260L
Maximum working pressure 32Mpa
Hydraulic pump Plunger pump×2+gear pump×2
Walking hydraulic motor Radial plunger motor×2
Conveyor hydraulic motor Radial plunger motor×2
Diesel engine available on request.
Siton LWLX-120 Mucking LoaderSiton LWLX-120 Mucking Loader

On site mucking loader with forward dumping wagon

Siton LWLX-120 Mucking Loader
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