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Equipments for Mining Project Solution:

A mining project, or tunneling program, with the tunnel section from 1.8 × 1.8m to 9 × 9 m (H × W), mainly use the machines such as mucking loader (haggloader), shuttle mining car, belt conveyor, drill jumbo, concrete mixer, dumping wagon, and so on. Here we mainly introduce the above equipment used in tunnel solutions.

Mucking Loader (Haggloader):
Mucking Loader (Haggloader)

The former of mucking loader is collecting arm-type loader. After the technology was introduced from Sweden in 1980s, it was mainly used in railway and water diversion tunnel construction. The company has developed different kinds of loaders many times and updated them to adapt to different working conditions including section from 1.8 × 1.8m to 9 × 9 m (H × W), slope within 30º. Since it was widely used in recent years, it has become an alternative of the old scraper type rock loader.

Main characteristics: Electro hydraulic control system: the mechanism adopts taking and static raking type, with less resistance. After it passes through scraper conveyor to install coal gangue continuously and rake completely. At the same time, operating arm can be used to eliminate risk from tunnel face, dig water tunnel and dig level surface to a certain depth in order to facilitate auxiliary rail.

Shuttle Mining Car:
Shuttle Mining Car

Shuttle mining car is an effective slag transportation machine for underground mining rock tunnel and main tunnel of non-mining. It can be used as large-scale gangue storage equipment. Now it has different specifications, including 4~40m3.It mainly consists of channel van and traveling part of the conveyor. The body is installed on two steering brackets. Scraper conveyor is installed on the base plate of the van, which loads coal gangue from loading end of the van with the help of electric or wind power. Scraper conveyor continues to run to transport slag to unloading end. After mining car is full, the conveyor can be opened to dump gangue automatically. At present, it is also widely used in the mining abroad.

Main characteristics: single shuttle mining car can be used separately or several shuttle mining cars can be used together, with large volume, continuous running and automatic removal slag. It can not only transport coal gangue, but also store them.

Belt Conveyor:
Belt Conveyor

Several belt loaders are specially designed for many different slag proposals, which can meet different requirements.

Full-Hydraulic Drill Jumbo:
Full-Hydraulic Drill Jumbo

CMJ full-hydraulic drill jumbo is used to excavate tunnels in mining, metallurgy, water and electricity, rail industry and other works. It can be used for drilling on tunnel face, top face, side and base plate. Main characteristics include small body, compact structure, high stability, convenient operation, safety and comfort, low noise, less pollution, travelling crawler, flexibility, high climbing ability, hydraulic drilling through two arms, drilling at any position of working surface, accurate positioning, high quality construction, low cost, drilling step by step, stable drilling and high efficiency.

Track Concrete Mixer:
Track Concrete Mixer

Tracked concrete mixer is mainly used to transport the concrete from mixing station to construction site, which can be used together with wet spraying machine, dry spraying machine and supporting pump. It mainly consists of mixing drum and auxiliary supporting parts. Mixing drum is used to contain concrete. When rotating, the concrete rotates along spiral direction of the blade. It is mixed and stirred during the course of continuous lifting and turnover. During the course of feeding and transporting, mixing drum rotates forward and the concrete moves inwards along the blade. When unloading concrete, mixing drum rotates reverse and the concrete moves outwards along the blade.

Side Dumping Wagon, Forward Dumping Wagon and All Kinds Of Mining Trolley:
Track Concrete Mixer

Side dumping wagon means the van can be opened on one side or both sides. With the help of curved rail, mining car can be tilted at dumping site and then opened by pull rod.

The bucket is used to load useful mineral, scrap rock or gangue directly, which is used for inclined well and vertical well. The bucket for balancing lifting is provided with tail suspending device while the bucket for multi-wire lifting is provided with steel wire tension balancing device.

Mining trolley is used to transport coal, mineral and scrap rock on a narrow railway. Normally, it is towed by locomotive or winch.

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