LWLX-100 Loader
LWLX-100 Loader
Applications of LWLX-100 Loader:

The mucking loader is mainly used in coal mines, metal mines, hydropower tunnels and other underground projects. The company has developed different kinds of loaders many times and updated them to adapt to different working conditions including section from2.0 x 2.0 m to 9 x 9 m (Height x Width), slope within 33°.

Main Characteristics of LWLX-100 Loader:

1. The mucking loader adopts Electrohydraulic control system with reduced-voltage start Suitable for long tunnel projects.

2. Main movements controlled by pilot valves,Easily operated and stable.

3. 30% of the configurations are imported.Oil will be Multistep filtered.with air cooling radiator.

4. Load rocks completely without labor work.

5. Convey rocks with chain -scraper,stable and high efficiency.

6. Semi-enclosed assembling,easy to maintain.

Main Overall Dimensions:
Item LWLX-100/45L
Crawler contacting ground length 2407mm
Crawler inner width 941mm(Variable)
Crawler plate width 350/450mm
Ground clearance 310mm(Variable)
Conveyor inner width 580*710mm
Dimensions during transport Length 8100mm
Width 1690mm
Height 2100mm
Dimensions during operating Length 9700mm
Width 1690mm
Height 2310mm
Working Range:
 Item LWLX-100/45L
Digging width 5300mm
Digging distance(from dozer blade) 1970mm
Digging height 2940mm
Digging depth below ground level 540mm
Dumping height 1760mm(Variable)
Minimum dumpling height 1480mm(Variable)
Dumping distance 1700mm(Variable)
Max.boom angle ±55°
Adaptive tunnel dimension     (Width×Height) ≥2.5×2.5m
Functional Parameters:
Loading ability 100m³/h
Potencia general 45kw
Weight 12200kg
Traveling speed 0.9±1.8%m/s
Scraper chain Single chain single motor
Adaptive tunnel slope ≤32°
Minumum turing radius ≥5.5m
Ground pressure ≤0.1Mpa
Steering Hydraulic
Speed of scraper chain 40m/min
Volume of hydraulic tank 240L
Maximum working pressure 32Mpa
Hydraulic pump Plunger pump×2+gear pump×2
Walking hydraulic motor Radial plunger motor×2
Conveyor hydraulic motor Radial plunger motor×1
Underground Mucking Loader

On site mucking loader with forward dumping wagon

Underground Mucking Loader
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